Saturday, 11 May 2013


Priya sang lullaby to make the little princes sleep. Ram came in he stood near the door observing her, he stared at curvaceous outline of her body lying side wards facing her back to him. he felt aphrodisiacal, he felt tempted that too after the intimate encounter. He reached to bed side sit beside priya, she made riya sleep proper and sat resting her back to headrest. caressing riya who hugged priya’s legs in fear.ram is staring at her, he can see a mother in her. Few min back she is his lover now there is no hint of that lover in her. she smiled seeing him “what were u looking at?” she said in low voice not  disturbing her princes. He nodded his head negative. She took his hand to her lips and kissed.
 “ram bed in that room is big  will go there, carry riya I will bring pihu..”

they went to  room made kids on bed. Ram and priya came either side of kids. riya hugged priya more. Priya patted her back. Pihu is sleeping carefree with open mouth. Ram felt pihu’s leg kick his chest. Her position is vertical to bed . ram  and made her in right position but pihu this time kept one arm and one leg on ram. “ram  pihu will turn round the bed in sleep it will be difficult for u..” priya spoke caressing the kids. ram smiled “ my baby,[kissed pihu] no problem I will manage.” priya is observing ram and pihu cuddled to each other sleeping open mouth.the perfect site she can ever have. life is changed a lot ram, those days were fantastic, she slowly went back to the memory lane .

Ram and priya sat down close to each other on the couch. There is some silence between after the confession.
R: lo .. u dint have  your dessert na. . In fact I want to share it with u  but that Jackie spoiled it.
P: so,  u even dint have it. I know u wanna give a bite but that .., any ways  we can have it now. Leave it.

R: well, the desert I want is delicious than anything, I had it prior to dinner and the taste is still lingering on my lips, it would be great if I get another pointing to her lips slowly bent on her to capture her lips, she kept her hand on his lips and kissed the hand and  pushed him back. He looked at the chocolate smudge on the edge of her lip. She asked him what?, he want to lick it off he went close to her lips. She licked it off. her pink lips and the tongue is teasing him, he whispered on her lips “plz let me taste my desert”. He closed the distance between their  lips, she gave a quick peck and pushed him back said “be a gentleman mr. ram ”. Ram circled his arm around  her dragged her little close  she entwined her fingers with his, leaning on his shoulder.

“can I … talk to dadi and maa now” asked priya.
Ram called them  she  cried talking to them. Ram took her more to his arms and consoled her. she cried on his shoulder.
“ do u missed me  like I missed u” she asked him
“ yes, I do . I dint feel like going to india alone but it was dadi and when I was about to tell u  hmm … leave  it .i was upset and went.” Ram heaved a sigh.
“am sorry. I cant see anyone around u . [she hugged him , playing with his t shirt] I missed u a lot, plz never leave me. I cant live without u.” she felt pampered in his presence.
“ me too priya.” He said satisfied as if this is what he was carving to hear. Both enjoyed each other’s presence in silence for a while.

“ram … we will get married soon..  very soon please” she was demanding.
“ accha. Someone is so egar, but have to talk to our elders” he tried to be naughty but  she is serious.
she clasped his t shirt tight at collar…… “ no ram plz don’t tell to my mom n Ayesha. They will be on duty to spoil my life please ram . I want to be with u all my life . please..”
“ we have  to talk to our parents priya, my family .. u know how dadi n maa wanted me to get married”

“wahi tho mein keh rahi hu.. we will get married soon”  priya said .
“how come there be no one of my  family am the first son damn it”
She stood up and walked to her room with no response.  Ram called her she dint reply. what the hell is this attitude both felt annoyed.  She feels sad to his reaction and takes it as an excuse to avoid wedding.   she is scared to sleep in that room alone as they both were seeing a horror movie. After a while he came inside and saw her sleeping. Soon he switched off the light she screamed out loud. 

She is scared. She asked him to stay there in her room it self. He hesitates thinking this wont be good. But she is panick so he pulled a bean bag sit beside her withhis laptop. A while later his concentration is distracted with her talks in sleep. He smiled for what she said. it was abt their marriage. She is asking him to marry her and then touch her as his wife, he understood that she was dreaming about him he blushed seeing her came near to her kissed her forehead and opened the box on the dressing table which dadi gave to her. A red saree, some jewelary , sindhoor, payal and mangalsutr. Now he got to know why she was been an adamant to marry him soon. He kissed her hand , covered her fully with duvet and walked off the  room.

Ram is unaware of her sudden change in her  behaviour. She felt  he is  her’s alone. she walked confidently in a slim fit shirt and a pencil slim fit skirt  and high heels was looking dashing in the outfit. He eyes are struck on her all the day. She entered to ram’s cabin and started discussion of their new project. she knows  his reaction when he noticed her.  she opened the second button of her shirt before entering.   She stood up walking too and fro, was explaining him  about the project when he looked up his jaws dropped to the view. She flaunted herself to him, his eyes were on her firm curvy back. She turned around , his view moved up to her bosom. She is rubenesque,  she  came forward to ram’s chair leaned towards him to show the details of the project in the file. He is tensed that he may be caught as he could not stop himself from seeing her milky cleavage. She saw him staring at her, women inside her felt honoured and blushed.

His hands reached to switch off his close his office hides. She asked him about the project but he is talking about her.  she leaned back to his desk besides him talking about the project, while he is busy scanning  She took some water while drinking she intentionally acted as if the  water fell on her.  he soon got some tissue wiping the water on her shirt was touching her wet skin.  She realized what was he doing  when he tried to cup her curves she  hold his hands and stopped him, took the tissue from his hands and started wiping the wet path on her shirt moving the collar aside, he widened his eyes at the  beautiful  sight. she kept her hand on his eyes. In seconds she  found herself  sandwiched between ram and wall. It was unexpected, she heaved a deep sigh.

“what were u upto ?  darling, u r testing me” ram said naughtly.
“am … uhh… pro…project .” she stammered  being caught by him..
“ oh .. haa… project  tell me now I could not  hear u” ram looked into her eyes.
“ am not interested now.. will meet up later to discus project work.”
“ am ur boss..  u should do what ever I say!” he said authoritatively.

She heaved a deep breath.. “hmmm…” moved a little further close so as their  lips are inches apart. She cupped his face saying. “ur the boss so!” he gapped his mouth, she draw her nail along his jaw line through his rough beard to his chin and closed his mouth.  She touched his lips with her finger tips.  She passed her finger down his neck to his chest. This is really very seductive, her nail is gently causing  him  pain  and making him week. Ram closed his eyes wanting her to do  what ever she wants.. she said in a low voice.. in his ear “ shall we…….. continue.. ..” .. “ yes..  it is on the top priority”  ram said feeling her fingers fiddiling his buttons and her hot breath and unquie aroma.
“ haan ..we have to finish it of by this month, have to work on it day and night” priya said.. 
“ are u sure day and night..  great” ram is exicted…

“ yes offcourse if not how can we finish the project” priya said..
“ PROJECT!!!”  ram  came out  from his sweet short imaginations.
 She walked away and her heal hit with carpet  she was about to trip he protected her from falling on flore caught her by waist as both cannot balance each other and they fell in the couch with ram over her. it was an awkward position. They both laughed out loud..  suddenly  the door is open it was Jackie. She saw ram and priya  and was awestruck  Both ram and priya dint notice her. ram caught her hands and pinned her,pushed himself on her and she felt him hard on her said..
“ this is what u have done to me”  he said.

“ what do u think would be my state! After this…..” priya stared to his eyes..
“ baby please don’t do this to me. I …I cannot resist u darling..” ram pleaded while she gave him another seductive look biting her rosy lips.

Before priya answered him there is a knock on the door.  Both saw Jackie. They felt embarrassed  to be caught. Ram shouted on Jackie to ask him in intercom while coming in to his cabin. Jackie  cried in her cabin. Priya went to her.  tried to console her.  priya told her every thing what happened with her and ram.  she listened to priya and slowly walked away  continuing her work.
 In the evening when priya  and ram was abt to go. Joe came and asked ram and priya to join them in their wedding shopping that week end. Ram looked at priya who  did not respond . he smiled and said yes.. and drove back to their apartment.

“ u go  am not interested in the wedding shopping” priya  said
“ arrey common, priya they were our friends  we have to go.. don’t worry I will be there for u na u wont get bored , and anyways we will also buy new clothes for their wedding”
 She looked apart through the window thinking… ‘When will we get  married , all my  trails are wasted.. and this ram..uff.. .. no big deed common  priya try harder…. Y is he nagging this topic.  How can I tell ram am worried of losing him. something is making me restless…’ she continued to look aim less through the window.

Priya felt something is moving she opened her eyes found ram  standing beside her bed.  she asked him what’s the matter. He could not say yet managed to mask as need for water though there is a bottle of water beside his side of the bed.  when he was about to turn  she hold his hand made him sit on the bed, gave some space for  ram to  sit beside her.  he went and sat on the edged of the bed. riya started murmuring out of fear..

 “mumma papa..” priya took her to arms.

“she is like me, very coward, some times I feel like god has sent  pihu to  be riya’s support. Their relation is so sweet. Can never win  pihu if I say something on riya. Riya .. she will not fight but will strike against me. most  time they will win  me with their cuteness. My little angels..” priya said being a proud mom

Ram circled his arm around her shoulder, she rested  her head on his shoulder looking at him. ram questioned through his eyes what. She smiled.

“ raam..  some times i used to feel how nice it would be, if my sister share such a good relation with with me!  today we might not have this day.. am sorry ram!  am sorry for what all u missed” a lone tear passed down her cheeks. He felt the warm wetness on his shirt.

He kissed her forehead, “we are together now, forget the past. I could imagine  how difficult it was for u to manage two kids. my desperation of fatherhood is nothing in front of the responsibility and the pain u had throughout alone. The fault is mine, u faced this all for me and my babies I know it.” he said.
“ priya..  mein …   I want to ask … u “
 “ pihu  riya.. or riya pihu.. I mean who came first?” ram asked with  lot eagerness and embarrassment

“  pihu,. came out first and 4 min badh riya. Haan aur ek baath.. twins hai… but I fed riya first. Nurse gave her to me first. She is  very hungry even before she finish  drinking nurse took her away, nurse gave me crying pihu I fed her.after pihu gave milk to riya again.riya’s is big tummy used to drink lot pihu used to drink very less.  They are very understanding .  Both were not hungry at same time..its different, all my pains vanished the moment I took my tiny bundles to my hand..i can’t explain u the moment I need u the most  to share my happiness..they both gave me hope to live without u.. I cried alone ..i know how desperate I was to show u ur babies. Wanted to see the surprised expression on ur face seeing two girl babies. U dint know I was bearing twins na…” She smiled..

“ suckle! .i mean . did u fed them? Breast feeding?” ram asked  in low voice,unsure if he could ask or not.
“obviously, what sort is this question. I could only feed them 4 months. I became fat eating lot.. if I have to feed my babies I have to eat lot. even then I could not have enough milk.”
“how did u manage?”
“dayijaan , jyothi haina. Jyothi helped me a lot. she gave  me the responsibility of cady and rina too”
“don’t worry they will be with us.” Ram assured her. they were silent for a while
 “ priya I love u ..… good night” she stopped him when he was about to move.

“raam… please stay  close to me. let me feel ur presence. I feel like I was dreaming u, please hug me till I could sense this is reality …”
“you said what I was about to ask” he smiled.
priya moved aside and making place for ram. ram took riya in his arms  priya adjusted pihu beside her.  ram made riya sleep on his belly.  Both lay  close to each other  cuddling in bed feeling each other and their babies in their arms. Ram dosed off to sleep priya  too drifted to sleep watching him.


Ayesha? His wife..this man called her b**** and can he call her his wife. She has no idea of what was the relation is  like? storm developed in priyas mind, she feels a ache suspended from the heart to her nerves. She has no sense on that what she is doing cant withstand there with him she tried to go . He pulled her in front of him caged her between him and kitchen table. he asked her to show the items. She closed her eyes tight helplessly while his breath fanned on her  shoulder, his warmth is urging her body to respond,he smiled at her closed eyes. He handed the cup to priya..
"come join us u have to be there.."

Kady who is in the hall,saw priya with coffee "priya u like coffee? For the first time am seeing u  with coffee ur fav is tea right" ram saw her from corner of his eyes she hung her head down. It tasted bitter after she left ram as it haunts her with his memories. "Hmm yummy" Kady said priya blushed a little as kady praised priya, she lift her head to announce the truth that coffee is made  by ram. Ayesha gluped her coffee at once but that coffee is weird but cannot say anything as it is made by ram. "coffee is good but less sweet and bit more salty" Ayesha kept her cup aside. Soon priya sipped her coffee it tasted the same one made by ram. it is visible in her eyes so ram changed the cups. her eyes smiled at him. priya forgot to add sweetener to the coffee he added salt in it.  Riya came to ram hugging him tight . Riya is scared of Ayesha.  Priya took riya from rams arms trying to console her fear of Ayesha. " how about a chocolate milk shake... mumma's spl milkshake" kids shouted in excitement  as soon as priya said. riya came again and sat in ram's arms.

Priya left to kitchen, pihu asked cady to give her a lollipop. Cady gave it to her and riya pihu is playing aroung the coffee table with building blocks, she dint like the flavour of the candy so she went to Ayesha and kept  that half eaten lollipop in her hand.  "shit what the hell" pihu ran to kitchen hearing the pitch of Ayesha's voice. " common aunty,  she is a kid  ..pihu" cady went after pihu. Priya rushed there and saw what has pihu has done. Both pihu and riya were shivering that priya will scold them. Priya took them and made them sit beside ram glared at ram. "Ayesha, try to behave good though u dnt have that , they r kids" ram frowned.

 "woh , priya pihu lollypop .. its not me!" cady said in a low voice. " cady how many times I told u not to pamper  these two. Pihu what is this, kitne baar kaha ki yeh  bad manners hai beta" "sorry mumma" " not to mumma say this to aunty"  pihu is terrified pihu hugged priya " sorry aunty". Priya wiped pihu's eyes and  riya's eyes  kissing them " mumma wil get ur milkshake." Soon priya  turned pihu showed Ayesha her tongue. "dii.. deko"  priya turned back hearing to the sound  " DI! Oh  so Ayesha u remember priya is your didi" ram laughed out, "what my kids have done nothing. Priya u carry on".   Now pihu and riya  both showed their tongues to her and did some funny actions. Ram saw this and hugged them both winking. Priya smiled seeing all this from kitchen [ baap pe gayi hai dono. now he is supporting them.. very naughty]

Riya crawled to  priya's arms  sipping her fav milk shake. Playfully  pihu hit with carpet and  the milkshake fell on ayesha's dress. " damn , she is mad  u know how costly this dress is? u spoil brat can see what ur mom is teaching u." priya is angry Ram stopped priya and asked pihu say sorry pihu cutely said sorry but was happy seeing riya  smiling. Ram took both kids in arms. And said "sorry! It was an accident, hope u know what an accident means right, sometimes it takes quite a long time to recover in the mean time we may loose those who are ours BTW  costly !  after all its my money." he frowned . ayesha has no words 

"what is the matter why were u here ! ur  return journey is today right" ram spoke rough.
"I have to talk to my husband ram. wife and husband talk alone what is priya di doing here"

Priya is about to move ram stopped. " haha.. this is priyas house ayesha u forgot it ...  I have no interest to talk to u what all I have to do I have done now leave no more discussions do what ever u want  do u want to  file a case ur free I have the proofs of all what u have done. What do u think am a fool to be quite. u enjoyed when I suffered now its ur turn" priya hold ram's arm before ram could speak further.  Pihu went to priya's arms and hugged her tight ram kept his hand over priya's shoulder. Priya asked cady to take kids to their room.

"wife !! haan  whom do u mean Ayesha. I doubt u whose wife were u?  see priya is my wife and ur sister unfortunately. So who the hell are U" ram said controlling his anger . Ayesha  swallowed a lump down her throat. She wanted to threaten priya n ram but it back fired on her.
"think twice ram, u cheated me! dint u  for that cause u married me."

Ram laughed out loud  and sent her an mms " deklo  who is cheating whom! A so called married women has to be in husbands arms not his brothers arms. Think  100 times  u act. U  always proves me right  u r a B****"
"Ayesha, it was  my mistake .. I thought u changed  but u and sid planned to kill me when u came to know am stil alive, u planned to  kill my foetus with that tribal women. U made me trust ram cheated u, u  faked ur pregnancy to trap ram, when I came to know ur truth sid attempted  to rape me and kill me.  u finally try to kill ram for this he suffered complete 2 years  though he wanted to reach us he cannot, and u  made me believe that ram moved on with u. this is what u have planned right. now leave us alone,I trusted u so much treated u like my daughter not sister but u don't deserve anything now if u or sid try to harm me or my family I will not spare. get lost, tell ur mother too..plz''  door is that way"  hia  anger turned to shock. he thinks [I never know what all happened but did they tried to do these all things? He felt bad that he never trusted priya when she suspected something bad.] 

Ayesha slipped at the door as her heel is broken.  "that is ur stand" ram said and slammed the door on her face. Guilty filled priya could not meet his eyes ram noticed her, she said she will make lunch for all and moved to kitchen she collapse on kitchen floor for misunderstanding ram that he has moved on. she remembered those days he stood by her side protecting her from every difficulty


Ben and Jackie were in front of ram, they have not seen ram as a ruthless boss. Ram asked them the truth They denied and remained innocent. ram warned them if such things repeat he will fire them immediately. Jackie  fumed to her chair, ben stopped at priya's desk found her no where,he turned back to ram's cabin, he is watching him. ram walked nisha asked her to console priya who will be for sure in washroom. Priya came back saw a sorry card and a teddy on her  table. its from ben. ben is the son of ram's uncle. He was in training under ram on his uncles request.  Ram called ben as ram treats ben as a younger brother. He said priya is not such type who can date ben because her heart is preoccupied.  Ben argued with ram. Being frustrated over this heated conversation ram spilled priya is his lady love and they were madly in love with each other.

" ha ha .yes . I knew it'.  Am sorry bro for all this, I suspected u both bro. I made u  very jelouse na. I know how much  you both love each other. Its evident in her eyes when she is with u.  I came to know the problem is priya ji who is not accepting u. so I though my  nasty behavior would make u people come closer. What a waste." ben said. ram hugged ben in excitement but  ram was furious that Jackie instigated him to do this.

Ram and priya in their flat. She made dinner as ram's hand is hurt she feed him by her hand. Ram said "maa is missing u, dadi wants to see u, and sudhir ji'" she  noded her head "I called papa thanks" was her ans. He took a deep breath left a package for her on table saying that is for her from dadi. Next day Ram arranged dinner. Except Jackie all on mission to bring out priya's heart. Ram could not take his eyes off her. she is bewitching in half white silver embroidered net saree. The lights reflection on her face made her look hot. Ram controlled himself,she came and sat in the chair beside ram which is hers. Everyone is casually talking ram saw few couples dancing. Jackie asked him for a dance the same time ram asked priya. She kept staring to his eye which indexed his  heart. "oh Jackie u wanna dance with me!" ram asked priya came back to senses in reflex action she gave her hand "shall we dance" priya said sternly. Both were dancing with embaressment,joe and ben pushed them from either sides to get them close.
'u look so s**Y .i mean beautiful ...priya'
'ram  am' I am sorry' 
for !..
 plz I need to talk to u ram.

R; tell me what is that'no one is interested in what u and me speak ..[he pulled her more close,their bodies touched, rams hand touched her bare waist, it created butterflies in her stomach.his warmth is making her weak.his breath is fanning on her ]
P; ram plz what were u doing.[ she cant  resist his touch. her hands moved to circle is neck]. They came away from the dance floor, to the place where ram had made arrangements prior.
P; ram I need to tell u something
R; yes go on.
P;  Am really sorry,
R:that's it.

P: ram [ hugged him] I love u so much , I cannot live with out u, I don't like anyone come near u other than me especially that Jackie. I missed u a lot, please don't leave me What ever the consequences may be I don't want u to leave me. I want u beside me always  for ever,till death.
R; shhh'. do u think I will be happy with out u,thank god u finally spoke. priya, I love u more than my life

Ram hugged her, they remain hugging. Ram kissed her lips,that turned to passionate kiss.they kissed each other with equal passion. pushed ram, he pulled her in arms caught her lips again she broke the kiss,

"ram plz aaap..[wiping her smuged lipstick] come lets go. If I don't stop u'. don't know where u will end and more over I wont be able to resist u long. But haa strictly..only after marriage.."

"priya please '.. "

"come lets go ram.. plz...haan one more thing ..plz sab ke samne ur the boss am ur employee..ok [ram do not like this idea,now what is there to hide]"

"why is it so? Listen am not going to listen for me ur mine alone if everyone knows this. no one will dare to come near u I cant take it anymore" he turned to leave  she hold his hand stopped him and hugged him tight.

"ram '.. i love u a lot more than my life. All I want is u alone, we shall get married soon. till then a big NO.. Though u cant stay  without touching me  . but u have to." Ram thinks where I can resist u darling its better we get married then  I can ravish u  with all rights.

"abhi shadi karlete hum. Who knows u may behave different tomorrow, so that I don't need any restrictions" ram said pinning her to the wall

" I know that..' u can't control" she smiled naughtily

"lets see" release her from his grip

Priya smiled seeing rams retiring body. Everyone is happy with ram and priya's patch up except Jackie. Party went well with ram's little hidden romance and priya's tension and blush. Ram and priya shared the food, ram ate vegetarian besides everyone's taunts. He touched her waist , back  when and sometimes hold her hand without any ones notice.  Priya rubbed her toes on his legs, it is damn  seductive, OMG she is doing this ' he cant even moves, was having a broad grin on his  face.  Turned to priya pleaded her not to do . she smiled and said. "hmm ok  aur aap bhi" in low voice. Ram waved everyone bye he felt honored to escort priya. 

 He hold her by waist close to him  while nisha joe and ben were teasing.  Priya blushed. He opened the door for her came ot driving seat started driving " see how decent and gentleman am I" he smiled naughtily. She bite her lower lip "hmm  I know how  gentle u were, u cut my  lip today"  she lowered her eyes. " oh I see then' I have to ' u know  'counter effect'  it will best suit here. And one more bite can cure  the previous one.  So ' may I .."  she  lashed his arm playfully and  rested her head on his shoulder gratifying his presence.

Priya and ram returned home,she came to him changing to a Capri pants and camisole. Ram's eyes were on her bony shoulder and bosom. She came and collapse in the same couch  flipping the channels. Ram went to kitchen and brought  chocolate mouse

She felt his presence around her. he asked her to get ready as kids want to go out as this day will be their regular outing but first time with papa. kady rina joined them. Ram informed rajath too. Priya want to talk to ram.  They all went out.  She slowly neared ram, he smiled  I need to talk to u ram!.. he looks surprised at her,  "oh my ' u called me ram and I heard it" she felt a stab in her heart still.. he excused himself to help his baby "riya' papa will never let u loose bachha." She felt another hand on her shoulder "rajath , I have to talk to ram itS urgent and he is not even giving a chance" ram observed rajath's hand on priya's shoulder. rajath tried to wipe her eyes ram was furious  sent pihu to call priya urgent to them. Rajath felt bad seing priya so!. They are walking to  restaurant. Priya hold ram's hand requesting him to listen her , he tightened his grip and entwined his fingers with hers " leave it priya, don't keep on pointing at my guilt".

Rajath occupied place beside priya. Ram is sensing rajth's behaviour odd.  They are happy for the family dinner.  Ram had his eyes on  rajath all the way.  They r back home priya made kids sleep in their room.came to her room saw him watching pointless to he sky. She changed and came near ram.

"ram" he came back to senses.

" priya come rajth did not recognize u as my wife. Did he behave well  with u ?"  priya is surprised and was unsure was ram doubting her?
" I never let my identity out"  ram turned to her flashed a bright smile
"its ok I know what were u trying to tell me. leave it now sleep u must be tired" she hold his hand  and stopped him. brought all her courage  hugged him from back.

 "am sorry  ram' I thought u moved on  because I saw ur  marriage picture in a news, i dint even tell any one that ur my husband. I was surprised to hear.."
"what which paper? "
 "I saw it on my joining day in rajth's college."
" who interviewed u "

"no one . ram  I know jyothi well she is my friend, she talked to rajath so he arranged my flight tickets and accommodation too"  Ram understood something is fishy. She weeped so much , she looked to his eyes and said " ram I am extreemly sorry  for everything. plz forgive me. for keeping ur babies away from u. I misunderstood u"  he cant see priya in tears. "tough u cant get back these 2 years of my life with my queen and babies I still forgive u , because I love u .  am sorry  too  because some where am the reason too  I should not let any one come between us. We equally suffered these years darling. Forget the past and''."  " and '" " fall in love ' again , love me  everyday  more.. BTW its better a demo than  a lecture what do u say darling" priya sighed and blushed hard closed her face in his arms.

They hugged each other consuming  each others presence. she felt his chapped lips on her neck. She moaned " raaam'"  he started nuzzling her neck,  pulling her close into him . she felt him. both  needs it, they missed each other for very long time. the urge is mutual ram looked at her  longingly while she closed her eyes and parted her lips. The night was passionate gave a room for  these longing lovers, their lips glued to each other tasting each other. Ram bite her lower lip hard it bruised. She puled  his hands wandered all her body touching her, she pulled his head close to her giving more accesses. His touch and kisses made her forget everything, her aroma is irresistible. The night is for the lovers to rediscover themselves, they melted in each others arms. 

 His  lips traveled down her neck she brushed her fingers to his hairs clasped tight. He  took her to the bed kissing her. he  took off the nighty from the her shoulder, he saw her womanly asserts, he bend slowly on her started kissing her shoulder pulling the straps of night gown down from her shoulders.  Her cleave is inviting he could not resist, his lips met her milky soft skin on her bosom . he caressed her body,this touch is different she is more beautiful now, he kissed her cleavage caressing her curves. She  is in bliss of feeling ram on her. his touch and kisses made desire rise. She moaned when he bite her mounds.

" mumma' mummma''."  Riya cried out .

Priya pushed him  away,mother in her overtake the lover and wife she felt sad that after these many days they had some time and ram is so romantic she pleaded him "raam.. bacche"  "haaan '.yes' am .. it's .." he  wans't able to speak .she set her dress right and went.. he collapsed on bed' "  god.. priya  you are damn  hot even after kids , u are more beautiful ' "  she looked back listening ram and blushed went to kids room.


It was weekend she likes to spend with kids  take them out somewhere along with cady and rina. So she was expecting them soon. But ram!  she knows he will never say no to her, he will accept cady n rina's responsibility too. She opened her old email, there is flood of mails from karthik asking her to come back. Her eyes caught a subject  "di jiju" she read the mail! She acknowledged that she misunderstood ram that he did not search her but he could not. she rushed to him who is sleeping. she sat beside him,feels the pain went through, he met with an accident so he dint reach her not that ignored her.  she din't even hear her heart which always warned her he is right. she caressed his hairs saying to herself I love u so  much. Smile creep-ed her lips, biting her lower lips she recollected the same old days when she braked the cage that she built around her.


Insecurities came in front row and fear of loosing each other preoccupied them.both did not realize where was this jealousy taking them   She cried her heart out in the closed room, she felt smashed feeling in side her heart. Her insecurities raised, she felt because of her inability to express herself she is loosing ram. she feel that he is not in love with her any more so he move around close with others. she din't respond to him as she was sleeping after a huge torment. Days passed without menial conversation. He i.s busy and she confirmed it as ignorance. Emergency from home  made him restless, he called priya into his cabin to inform her about dadi's health and his presence in India.  "priya tell joe to book me a ticket to India…" before he say y was he going to India. " sorry sir, If am not wrong am not ur  PA.  I think u called the wrong person, its ok sir I will call her so that u may be comfortable conversing with her" he is annoyed with her " what is this priya I wanted to inform u that I have to go .. my presence is needed there."  " off course sir, so what I mean is u better inform to those who miss ur presence.. I will call her"  he shouted "wait…. R u  saying that I mean nothing to u!" she looked back and went from there.

He was terribly hurt he felt like he loved a girl who is rock heart, still he justified she is his only love. He reached India leaving his heart with  her, he gulped raw liquor which burned his throat. He was thinking of her she seems to be his forever and feels equally  possessive of him then y the hell she cannot accept him. KK came to talk with ram abt his marriage. She expressed dadi's wish to see him married. He is wounded the same time breaking the glass in his hand when kk expressed her wish to have priya as his wife,how much she miss her at NGO n how much dadi  likes her. Kk dressed his wound and said she has met Shudir ji recently n his had a stroke after priya went away. 

Priya  was equally missing ram. she was used to him in every way. She wept her loneliness. It was killing her every sec. His thoughts are those keeping her alive. She stopped to take care of herself.  She became the same  gloomy priya again. When joe was about to call ram to inform abt priya  ram called him, he asked to take care of her till he come.  Nisha packed her things to their apartment they forced her to stay with them she said  yes after much obligation from their friends.  Nothing is able to conceal  ram's presence. She  said to her heart she has hurted him so much.  she realized her life without ram is hell. He decided to speak him her heart so was expecting his call her ego is not allowing her to call him as he dint say what was the reason of his journey. Same time  she is worried of the old and young of the family she prayed for all their wel being.

Nisha called out priya to lift the desk phone, she was right  it was her ram. she rushed to the desk phone.  his voice tempestuousness in her, she cried hearing him. he could hear her gasp's between her cries. He smiled for her child like nature. He  called her name many times and had no reply. he said " hope ur still angry on me ! am disconnecting the call" her senses came alive and she said  "no". the conversation went casually. He informed her abt her fathers health. He asked her to call him. if she hesitate to disclose her identity  he asked her to call from his office desk phone. he convinced her to call her papa despite of her fears. She said yes.. he also said it was dadi for whom he was there. everyone is missing her especially KK and dadi who thinks her as bahu. When he is abt to hang, she asked him to come soon but could not admit she was missing him. he smiled and said 'soon'.  He smile after few days. Kk observed it.. asked ram who was it. He smile and said " who else maa.. ek pagal ladki." both mom and son shared a lite talk. KK felt happy how small gestures of priya can handle her sons anger.she pray to god for their happiness.

She went to ram's cabin which is locked. Only priya knows the passcode. Jackie was suppicious how did priya knows his passcode! "priya u cannot enter ram's cabin its password protected n need his thumb impression" to her surprise  cabin was open, " Its open, Dnt strain ur nerves thinking how could I" she entered in and closed the cabin called shudir ji. She cried her heart out speaking to him. she miss her father. She felt a hand  on her shoulder. she turned back to see who it was! Nisha consoled her. She used ram's rest room a small room attached to his cabin,no one every had a glance of this room. She saw their pictures and her pic in the frame which encarved 'MY LOVE'. She  cried seeing all that.  She kissed his image and blushed looking  at the imprinted lipstick mark. She decided to confess him soon he reach. She felt fumes of jealous from jakie, priya gave a bad stare at her thinking [haddie in my life,  don't know y she wants to come in between me and  ram. sometimes I feel like she is a spare part of a vehicle. Let him come! Will ans her in my  way.] she continued her work feeling lite as she spoke to shudhir ji.

Priya is unaware of ram's arrival nor the worst thing that is going to happen  for her. She is waiting for ram to tell her feelings to him. it was Ben  who tried to propose her, she was about to walk off he hold her hand and stopped her. Her bad luck joe n nisha were not there. Jackie who has planned this  was cheering up ben. priya was struggling hard to get off his grip. She soon felt bens grip loosen, and every one's stared pointed to something behind her. She turned back  with tears in her eyes she rushed to him leaning on his shoulder, she could barely utter a word. He moved back, and left to his cabin. She felt dejected,she never experienced this behavior from ram.  ben n Jackie took the opportunity and started talking   against ram "Common priya its the ram kapoor, he might have had many girls, its time you stop luring for him. see what happened" it made her cry more. He called every one to the cabin to invite them for a party on the success of their project. His voice indicated his anger, the ruthless business man conquered the lover in him. he  warned he don't want any mess in his office,he even warned Ben for what happened he will fire him if it repeat's again. He saw tears in her eyes which wretched his heart. He asked her to stay and remaining left.

"accha laga.. how was the touch?"
" ram I don't know he is upto this trust me"
"haan how could u know ..u don't want any one to know our relationship… is that for this?"
" ram  plz. Dnt say that. Its not like that"
" its not like that? Then how was that, u should have told me on face that u don't love me! I was a fool still thinks u love me!.. go have fun with ur lover boy I was stupid to come here thinking u miss  me! u need me! its something else here.." he hit his hurted hand hard on his desk. It started bleeding again.priya was abt to touch his hand he spanked it back.

" ram  … I was not aware of the happenings, I was  waiting for  joe n nisha I dint knw this was planed. Believe me.. I still . love….[she could not continue because he called Jackie on intercom]"
" come with first aid kid"

Priya wiped her tears seeing his negligence, Jackie gave a victorious smile seeing priya's defeated stood there silently seeing him .he dint allow jackie to touch him too. He manged to dress himself. Priya took initiative ram kept quite, she tied the bandage tears dropped on his palm. She said sorry quietly and left the place. He instructed not to disturb him. he entered his private cabin. He recognized he over reacted. She  realized it was her fault. Her inability to express him her love. She felt she may not be able to say those words to him. joe met ram. ram realized hw badly she felt alone without him, he came to know that she was waiting for him to com to confess her love to  him. ram felt bad for his behavior. His eyes captured the mark on his photo. He smiled she did this, he missed to she her blushing face while doing so. He felt sorry for his rudeness. He made up his mind he cant let her go this time.

Bell fell on the door disturbed her thoughts. He stirred in bed and was pleased to see his wife with smile on her rosy lips. He caught her hand  and wanted to  feel her presence for while more, hmm they r parents now pihu jumped on ram. riya ran to open the door  priya has to pull herself off to see check riya. Pihu even ran after mummy  to riya as opening the door is a game for them. Riya opend the door and ws shivering at the sight. She was scared. Cady came to riya stood beside her riya hugged herin fear. Priya rushed seeing riya's behavior.  Priya called pihu who is smart and asked her to handle her sister. Priya knows only pihu can connect well with riya in such situations. Riya went inside with cady and pihu. Pihu hugged her sister consoling her. Pihu want to do some thing mischievous, as her sister is crying because of guest.

 Priya took a deep breath  n blocked the path for the guest to enter. Because she din't has not invited her. It was Ayesha.  When priya was about to close the door Ayesha called out " didi".. oh she remember me as her sister priya thought. Priya can ever expect some polite replies from Ayesha except those days when she pretended to ruin raya's relation. Priya nodded negative  thinking  she will never change  when she heard " u r my husbands first wife so ur my sautan n didi right". priya felt sorry for her self to call Ayesha her sibling. She want to cut short the crap with Ayesha.

P : y were u here?
A: to meet my husband.
P: sorry ! ur husband is not here..  u may go now
A: Di i know ram is here. He is my husband u cant say this to me.
P:  ram is my husband still. He loves me. let me tell u something as long as the  first wife is alive and not divorced… do I need to explain u that this is illegal!!
A: I want to talk to my husband who is here
P: have no clue abt ur husband so better file a complaint that ur husband is missing. At least then ur cheap trick on ram  will come alive.
Ram over heard the conversation of ladies smiled at his sherni. She gave a naughty smile n want to play with her emotion. He only knows the result of his teasing. He loves it. More over he promised his babies to help them.
R:her husband is not here  but who am i ? she came for me.. allow her in... i have to talk...
priya opened the door ayesha gave a victorious smile. helpeless priya walked off the place broken heart... 
ram looked to peehu and winked..

R: Ayesha  come sit, what will u like to have? Coffee, tea.. some drinks.  Here u cant get  wine, u know priya
 Priya could not bear this kind of warm behavior with her. Ayesha was equally surprised for rams behavior. Ram asked priya to make coffee and specified to use sugar free sweetner ayesha is on diet. Ayesha  was scared of what is happening, priya  smiled and left to kitchen  feeling dejected talk in herself a little loud –
"sugar free.. madam on diet.. aur yeah ram , don't even know how many spoons of sugar  do I  take.. leave it priya if he is that concerned abt u he will make coffee for u like he used to.  He don't like u any more ,I have to live for ur babies, now they have their papa so I am little relaxed what ever happens to me.! hmm ram does not know my problem even .. after all life is short .. it better he return back to KM"
Ram is behind her  from the beginning of her blabbering. She felt hot breath on her neck, and then his cold fingers touch her  bare skin on the crook of her neck…  he hold her shoulders leaned close to her  said.. "I want to prepare coffee for my wife n me u prepare one cup its enough as we  r three here." Priya could not control tears in her eyes they rolled down he eyes  and fell on rams hand which circled her shoulder. 


Nothing really matters if we have a loving gesture from our beloved. Priya is angry for sure but she fails at his care and love always. She was thinking of ram, only ram  how can this man love her so much. In the beginning she felt it was attraction,if it is so he had many chances to make her his but he did not. She covered her eyes with her arm to slumber. Ram is arranging the balcony ready. He understood what kids can do. He instructed them not to make  this a mess. Because this is for mom from 3 of them as she is upset with them. They were delighted as they were experiencing it first time from papa to mama with their help.

Finally the day jealousy birthed in both. Priya came in greeting her colleagues. Ram's eyes waited for her arrival. She raised her eyes towards his cabin found him staring at her. He need her in his arms. His eyes fell on drooling new comer. Priya caught his angry glare following his sight she captured this new comer. Perplexed priya thinks "y ram is angry at him" without minding him  more  she turned to her cabin. " hey guys good morning,  Aww Btw he is Mr. justin ben, ur new team mate" Jackie said. Every one welcomed him ben gave his hand to priya shook her's with his in  brief but ben's hold is tight. Priya gave a fake smile yanked her hand back off his grip. Ram observed this ben drooling over priya,he hit his fist hard on the table. his anger is not allowing him to  work properly.his possessiveness awaken reminding him he loves priya n priya is his.

Usually during lunch Jackie talk a lot abt ram but today she is calm. priya is happy that she did not hear her lust in words for Ram. There is something odd, Priya came to know Ram's wrath fired on her so she is silent. On the other hand Priya is uncomfortable with ben's over friendly behavior tried lot to  come close to her,to touch her but priya felt something wrong and left the place without lunch. She started her work  again. She got a message from ram to be in her office soon. Room is dark with blinds on and lights off ram stand near a corner facing window. He closed the door after she enter.
Ram controlled his anger and asked her  if she had her lunch. She said  no and asked him he remained silent. She dragged him to the  couch served him but he dint respond,so she feed him with her hands soon they finished their lunch  when priya was about to leave ram hold her hands n pulled to him.  she her team members will look for her if she is found like this they may doubt them. Team reminded him ben, Ram in choler said to her that now she will be waiting for her team.  Ram asked her about ben. priya expressed she feel odd in his presence. Ram confirmed what was in his mind is proper. Ram felt insecure. Priya asked him y he spilled out his anger on Jackie, ram sensed sarcasm in her tone. This came out of her because of jealous.

Discussions, insecurities, came over their understanding. priya again witnessed ram talking close with Jackie,this is because ram saw priya smiling to ben's words. both had only one feeling, they remain friends for quite long time but cannot accept any one else with them. Priya shopped along with nisha. Nisha was surprised to see what priya selected. Nisha even commented that she is inspired of Jackie. It dint bother priya  but all her instincts say that she wants ram's attention. The day ram came home early  soon the bell rang his eyes popped out seeing priya. She was in shorts exposing her long slender legs  and arms to their  glory. She sat in the couch she served him some tea. Ram  could not turn his eyes off her.  She was not talking to him was pretending anger. This is a visual treat as well torture to ram.he wanted to squeeze her in his arms but cannot even start some conversation he slowly went to his room and locked it. Took a cold water shower. Priya felt victorious as she could be able to do what she wish to .she felt uncomfortable and  changed to her usual clothes.

Early morning it was strange  for ram to see  priya in such a outfit. He just thought one thing. "damn... she is  very beautiful" he offered lift til office. She rejected but he insist. After reaching the office every one especially Jackie is shocked to see priya along with ram.  ram was seeing her from his cabin. His eyes says that she is beautiful she wants to hear in words. Ram had an urge to feel her presence close to him. he went to priya and asked her to show her work in her system. He bends close to her inhaling her aroma his breath is tingling her senses. Priya saw jakie coming for ram so she made herself comfortable in his presence. Every one stared at them nisha and joe could not get what is happening. Ben felt more jealous and was surprised she never let him stand close to her.  Ram took a deep breath and whispered in her ear
"hmmm.. new perfume….  irresistible like u".
"so u noticed. I don't know am so.. thanku sir"
"do not use this perfume, if u want to know  feel why come to my cabin will demonstrate"
Priya smiled " give ur demonstrations to ur dear wife not me..! did u forget this is office!"
"u can be my wife if u wish. If u say yes I will marry u right here.." he smiled naughty and went. Priya blushed and continued her work.  Later in the evening ram and priya were doing the final report of the project so they were late. " ben u dint go?" she asked . "am waiting for u so  can I accompany u to home" ben asked. Ram  who listened this rushed to priya interrupted confused priya to spell a word. He said " I appreciate this ben, but its ok I will drop priya, don't worry u carry on." Ben left with a long face. He sat silently  driving, thinks. [ ben is the name,  I will buy a doggy  tand name him ben, no if I did this this ben nam ki doggy will go to priya wagging his tail. Bloody dog].

Priya's attempt to capture  ram's eyes continued. Joe is suspicious. On a Sunday morning joe n nisha  came to raya's flat to invite them to their wedding.  As ram is getting ready to go on shopping with priya  by the time bell fall on the door priya open it ram  came to hall with t shirt's  asking priya to pick one.   Every one startled to see each other. Raya in one home. ram their boss! Why they hide from them? Why  priya did this? does she lack trust on them ? many more questions came in   mind.. ram went inside to change. As joe n nisha cant deney ram's words they sat quite  n priya went to kitchen. Priya apologized them they said the whole story to joe and nisha. They were happy for priya . joe  supported ram  and was really happy for her. Joe and nisha secretly said they will help him for sure to  melt this priya.

Few days passed ram and priya are happy and equally  possessive for each other. Both  dint realize  they were trying to woo each other as  joe and nisha id familiar ram and priya became little free. They  come together go together. Sometimes ram joins them in lunch. Priya try's to avoid Jackie. Her main motto is to grab ram's attention. Ram  gotta know that priya feels jealous if he moves close to  Jackie. He decided to make her jealous n turn her to him ram does not know it will fire back on him. priya is familiar that ram cant spare Ben around her.  One day ram is more casual with Jackie, priya do not like it.  She left the place. Soon she left ben ran  after her. She shouted him to stay away from her  but seeing ram she asked ben to stay  there. she  acted as if she ignored him. in the evening she asked joe to drop her.ram came late to home she arranged all the things on table for ram and went inside  was weeping badly. She wants ram. she cant see anyone else with him.

 Ram sat beside her caressed her hair,she opened her eyes was happy to see the diner arrangement. He helped her to dine.all four sat on the respective sides. Priya is so happy to see the dine in open balcony and that too candles and  ram in front of her. It was been years that she had all this in her life.  They started eating  priya and ram feeding kids and they too ate. Now its dessert time. Said ram!...   she do not know what is the dessert for tonight.  Kids blind fold priya. Ram her to open her mouth, she dint with kids insist she opened. He gave her a bite  she took it, he placed a kiss on her cheek. She gave a angry glare he returned to his place. 
Now the real problem. Peehu asked  priya whom does she feed first. Priya dint get  the question,  riya extended their doubt. Papa Is smart that he feed both of them once.  What abt her. Papa even do not know that whom u feed first papa thinks that u feed both of at once. Priya looked at ram what rubbish is he talking to kids. but pretending sweet in front of kids.. she said
"RAM , what r they talking" priya frowned
" I don't know..  don't look like that ..  subha jab … two were stubborn, …. So I got a doubt that …..'" ram said innocently
" ridiculous… u asked them to answer whom did I feed first. How will they know"
"tho batavo na… how ? I dint ask them Btw. They heard me talking to my self…I mean  they r two  ..i thought u …"
" shhh… plz stop it  [she tightly closed her eyes]  I don't understand how will u get such thoughts."
"will u tell  me later? Personally … demo " ram meekly said shying
" am done thanku so much for dinner"

Ram made kids sleep in their bed. Priya is  feeling uneasy. After a while she saw 3 of them sleeping alike. She covered them with duvet. She is in treble pain that is not making her sleep.she curled up to a corner in the couch . he asked her what was bothering her. She did not reply. He arranged a futon for her. He asked to lay down . she ignored his words. After a long time, he flustered face with red shot swollen eyes the sight it self made him disturbed she spoke
" I can handle my self, I learned it. Where r u when I really need u?  with your so called wife. Now don't show your false concerns on me!".

her words were harsh enough,even though he hold her when she was about to move away from him. he hugged her from back, she cannot deny his love she remained silent.  he supported her spine with his body, kissed her on cheeks
" yes I am not there that time but am here now,I cannot see u like this. if I can I will bear all your pains its late come and sleep now"
He made her lay down on futon and  crawled next to her hugged her close to him, caressing her  he tried to sooth her pain and tiredness. She slowly drifted to sleep. He pampered her the night with all the love he has for her.  He assured her that kids are safe. Both of them drifted  deep comfortable sleep feeling each other's warmth.


Ayesha is done with her shopping and was still in rajath's house. Rajath gave her tickets and informed her its Ram's orders she has to leave soon other wise she has to bear the expenses. She called india to make it clear if anyone knows abt priya, to her good fortune Ram dint inform anyone. She decided to talk to priya as she has another 48 hrs in Dubai.

Ram was happy for a day with his angels. Soon he locked the door both came and hugged his legs. He lifted up in arms and sat in the couch one on either side. Kids circled their tiny arms around Ram,he felt happy and confused. One question taunted him what's next?. It was his first day with kids has no experience of baby sitting. He should have asked priya! When he is in deep thoughts fights started ,Ram  became a thing in the tug off war. he  experienced pull on both sides alternatively he could hear one word with every pull

" first" "no am first"

Ram managed to calm them down and tried to find out what the matter! It was a silly matter made him smile initially but  but actually was a serious matter ' whom will Ram feed first?. Ram took them to break fast table made them sit , both stood up ran to room Ram rushed behind. Ram asked whats the matter! They did not utter a word. Ram thought of asking priya and called her. She smile looking his call after all its not been half an hour she left the  house. He received a text soon the line went dead. he was angry on priya for not lifting the call.

"there is a envelop on the kitchen table which may help u today. Car keys are on key holder, chota hai, match box tarah but  u will need it to drop both with dayijan. HAVE A NICE DAY"

The letter had some hints to handle both of them. And at the end a advice to drop them with dayijan rest is upto Ram!.. Ram heard noise in their room  by the time he reach kids are in bathroom filling the tub. In  attempt to take the shampoo, Ram rushed inside  both are scared but flickered a cute smile. Ram pulled them out and started to wipe them dry they started saying aap boy hai we will bath n come u go he was surprised priya mentioned it in the hints [* in such case ans them am not boy am ur papa.they will be quite. they will make lot excuses to bath in tub . both enjoy a lot but will catch cold fast. dont allow them.  If u shout they will cry be little strict other wise they will drench u fully.] with much difficulty he wrapped towel around them  asked them to stay in their room. Both of them stopped Ram at the door  asked not to enter. The reason is they want their room dry, Ram made them  bath in tub on their wish ended up fully wet.

[* selection  of dresses, dont give them  choices if yes they will like to be dressed up like princess.  Select two outfits  ask them to pick one. U will find two of same kind. don't worry they will find their hair bands and clips] by the time Ram change his dress and reached there  they pulled the wardrobe down in which priya kept  party  wear dress for occasions.  Ram acted serious  finally dressed them in cotton floral shorts and tops printed "Dad's angel". That was their fav. Ram made them see cartoon for a while, warned not to disturb him. he cleaned his room and hall dry. Now breakfast time.  He went to kitchen  with papers. it was a long list of preferences. After all they r my kids ! he  praised priya for managing them so well.

He served breakfast to them no one touched it. Peehu likes corn flakes and Riya aloo parantha, as they were twins he expect to be alike. He served himself  with toast. Kids are staring at him they were about to ask him they want papa feed them. "papa whom will u feed first" asked peehu. Both are eager to know his answer.for them whom he feed first is the one whom he loves more. Ram was confused [*hint says , bahut tang karthe hai dono. they will eat by themselves. Riya eat lot, later it will create lot problem in her stomach. She can't tolerate  a little pain even. peehu eat less. Make sure that they eat properly.] but Ram melted by their cuteness he got an idea, " first bite I will feed u but u have to eat on ur own it's a deal with papa"  says Ram, kids approved nodding their heads.  Ram took  a toast from his plate took it near them asked them to have bite on respective side's  Ram took a bite too.  He took a deep breath  as for now the  idea is successful. Ram said loudly  " whom did priya feed first? Did she manage to feed both once?" he dint realise kids heard that.  In his deep thoughts he forget the hint abt their eating habbits.

Later its drawing time Ram asked them to colour the pictures. He cleared the table. [* when they colour  watch them . they are very mischeivious they try to colour the walls. Help them in choosing colours they will fight for single colour. Make them share crayons don't give individual pack. Watch out  they will take lipstick,eye pencils to colour. Strict rule is they have to do it in hall.] Ram thought these too are very well behaved in his presence. He did not realise what they did. They draw patterns in hall and in their room.  Riya came to Ram  saying she has to go to potty in hurry  he made her sit on peehu's potty . peehu see this and starts crying that's her potty. Ram forgot the thing priya said in fact he got confused.. [ * both potty's have same images " Dora" they r fond of that cartoon. Peehu's is  darker shade of pink with white handles riya's is  light pink wala with same colour handle. Riya is not particular but  if u make any mistake  be careful with peehu,take lot time to convince. Recently they stopped wearing diapers in home if u take them out tell them they r going out do wear them diaper.] it took Ram a lot of time to convince  pihu. He promised to buy her new one.

They played all the day, Ram feed them in lunch. As usual riya ate full. Ram felt tired he made them sleep. He too needs some rest for a while. Kids got up early than Ram started playing running around.  They went to kitchen to pull out cake from fridge they  milk  fell down. They spoiled the leather couch and their clothes with chocolate cream from cake.  Ram is sleeping , kids went to  play with dolls so pulled all toys on floor in hall. they played applying make up to dolls they got an idea to make up them self so they went to  priya's dressing table took  her lipstick and applied it on lips and on cheeks so that it looks like blush. They applied powder on for head and chin. Later they saw Ram  neared  him and ask  a polite permission

"papa can we play here"

He agreed, both made his make up similar to theirs. But they waned to  show him which part is perfect so they took priyas eye pencil and embossed the initial letter of their names [p & r ] they r  not happy with his make up they brought no of clips and  kept in his hairs. They  poured lot of powder on his hairs too. Soon knocking fell on the door he rushed to open. he rubbed his eyes n opened the door. People on other side perplexed.  It was rajath dayijan who wants to meet Ram! priya reached there  was shocked to see the alien, it seems like her husband,  every one controlled their laughter. Soon both kids came with water and poured it on his feet. As the water is chilled he shouted aloud .kids saw their mom and were shocked. Seeing Ram and kids look alike every one burst to laughing. Priya controlled herself but seeing his face she burst to laugh.

Ram felt peace in her laugh though she is laughing at him.Ram questioned wat made them laugh. Priya hold his hand took him to a mirror. He felt embarrassed went aside thinking how naughty r their kids. priya took a wet tissue and started wiping his clown attire Ram stood close to her inhaling her aroma. Priya forgot her anger on Ram and started talking normal that she warned him, Ram replied- if u do this every time I would love to be their toy. She realized what has she done and asked kids to take off the clips from his hair. Ram winced in pain as they started pulling his hair. She then went to kids and cleaned them  neat. She then went to kitchen and found milk on the floor she looked around the was a big mess. Kids slowly went inside their room silently drawing as they got what mummy is upto. Ram is foolishly grinning  in hall with dayijaan n rajath. Priya's Hitler avatar is back.

Lady on rage entered to kids room. Asked them who spilled milk in kitchen, about the wall drawings, papers all over the hall, spoiled cosmetics, and messy bath tub, she opened their closet, pile of clothes came on her! She shouted at them. Both ran to Ram. seeing this  she did not utter a word went to clean the messy house. He asked her what is the matter  she scolded him badly for not taking good care of them, she has to do lot work now .. after a long speech she kept quite not talking to any one. Ram spoke calmly "am sorry  this is my first day with my kids if am with them since their birth they would have listened to me.i would have handled them better" daayijan helped priya to clean up but priya rejected they left after talking to ram. Ram helped what all he can do. Ram's words pierced like a stab in her  heart. She went to balcony to relax for a while thinking of the old days  when Ram n priya r happy. Smile flowed on her lips'''..


In the office Ram is anxious to know how priya is in his office with what's the name! he is happy she will be with him 24*7. He called PA  'miss jackleen .. do send all new employees to my cabin except the girl who attended late to the meeting send her after I finish meeting these people."  Ram want to talk to priya privately. He assigned all the new people a project.  Priya came to his  cabin along with jackleen Ram  asked her to  go as it was late. Jackleen likes Ram and try to catch his concentration every time. She  gave a warm smile and wished him good night. While going  Ram complimented her dress priya felt it uncomfortable.  She was over joys said to Ram to call her Jakie. Jakie's dress is  very short and hugged her skin tight  priya scanned jakie and felt jealous Ram complimented her. Priya  looked serious at ram.
"So priya how come u here?
U know that earlier am here? Now don't lie to me Ram? y r u following me' ? this was intentional right ur arrival and all.."

Lot questions n a small lecture came out.  Ram hold her shoulders tight pinned to wall if u wont stop this u know what I can do to make u quite!. Am ur boss here what ever I do is allowed here now sit quite n answer me ok ! . The company registered her name as Ms.sharma. she was assigned to work with joe and nisha in a project. She asked him y have he given this to her as she is inexperienced. He  just said he believe in ability not experience. Everyone left the company by the time he finished explaining the project to her.  She  asked him to be like a boss not like her old friend. He agreed. He thought this time he will make her ask him to marry her. His target now is his lady love he has one more chance to make priya come out of the bonds.

In car priya raised the topic Jackie. Ram said  she is a very efficient worker and has good dressing sense. Priya asked him  if he likes clothes like that? He unknowingly said yes and admitted if priya wear such dresses don't know if he could control or not! priya started to feel bad when Ram praised jakie she started hating her. She thanked Ram to give a project with joe and nisha as they both are here friends. Ram is exited thinking they may help him ! Next day priya  went to office with joe n nisha. Ram n priya decided they will keep it a secret that they stay in same house. Ram has to join some one in the project priya is working. Ram do not know what happens. somewhere he don't like him to work with priya because this Mr.X is extremely friendly and handsome. Both r jealous still managed to be it a secret.

Ram was very workaholic and he concentrated on his new venture. Days passed, joe was suspicious on priya Ram's closeness. Nisha is happy for priya as she was no more sad like she used to be when she met her. Jackie as usual try to impress Ram with her dressing, work and sometimes try to tempt Ram with her asserts, being golu sweetheart his eyes are on priya always. Ram was disturbed with joe flirting priya as he do not know the truth  that  nisha and joe are getting married soon and for joe it is testing Ram. Jackie started to be friendly with  priya to get close to Ram. priya dint like her talking abt Ram. Jackie want to date Ram, she asked priya's help. How possibly she can permit it. Some times Ram try to flirt priya n come close to her in every way his presence made her feel good and his closeness is comfortable to her and made Jackie n joe more suspicious. In home they were more like close friends. They dine together, they share everything even about joe and Jackie taunt each other, watch movies together or go for a walk sometimes. It was priya's routine to knot his tie he try to be naughty with her  she enjoyed his presence. They were not married but yet so happy enjoying each others company.

Priya heard chirpy voices. Ram gave them bath and dressed them neat. He cleaned the rest over mess that happened. priya was tired cleaning her house. she did not utter a word with anyone. She was angry, actually was guilty.  She even agree ram was right if he is there with them he might have  handle them well. She knows ram is excellent. Kids neared her said a cute sorry with a sweet kiss. She melted in the love, ram was near the door witnessing this. she kissed both. they  clinged to her,one sat in lap and one circled her arms around her neck.  They were happy being with their father, she patiently listened to what they said. From their words she experienced ram's love and their day with papa. Priya sweetly instructed kids not to make fun of papa. they can play with papa but not to frustrate him. they agreed.

Ram witnessed the warmth they 3 share. Peehu ran to ram hugged him. riya invited ram to come and sit along with them. Priya said another bean bag was inside he took it and sat opposite to her. Peehu jumped in ram's lap.  Peehu said to priya that her dad promised a new potty to her. Priya understood what might have happened. Ram tried to say that he was confused before he speak she said it happens u might have confused she controlled her laugh imagining his difficulty. Riya asked priya for a new one too. Priya declared no one is going to get new one,priya convinced peehu in 3 min just one hug a kiss is it. Riya said she is having stomach ache. Priya gave medicine to her. Riya hugged her tight. After a while kids asked dinner to be served there it self. Priya went and ram followed her. Ram noticed her pain he knows her catamenial difficulty. He asked kids to make her lie down on bed. being papa's babies they did. He took the  balm n massaged her back she felt his fingers on her, yes his touch still makes her senses awake, she was relieved from pain.

Riya hugged ram from his neck and peehu stood beside priya. Both ram and priya looked at each other but dint speak. She instructed kids to wash their hands and join for dinner. Priya set her top right in low voice said thanks. A weird silence and killing distance is there between them. She got down from bed to arrange dinner he hold her hand ,pulled her close kissed her forehead said sorry to her. She stared into his deep eyes could feel his love,  he made her lie down assured her he will arrange the dinner for them with  his army . she smiled  looking at him and his tiny soldiers. She said, no they wont help him instead spoil .. he stopped her  assuring her "I learnt to tackle them don't worry  get ready for a family dinner". He flashed a victorious smile and disappeared to kitchen. She felt comforted in his words.yeah'. her happiness is with this man whos presence makes her  forget her troubles.